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 In my 40

Am all the failure am all the success, am the foe am the friend, am the good am the bad, am the smart am the dumb, am the lover am the hater, am the joy am the sadness, am the ups am the downs, am everything am nothing at all, am the angel am the demon, am the winner am the loser, am the wise am the mad, am the king am the poor,  am the sinner  am the saint , am all that , and that made me the man I am today.

By Today am 40 years old.

Blame no one but yourself

Education begins in a home where reading is valuable and necessary, where recognition of the hard work associated with education and doing well in the school are top priority, and where parents join schools in having high expectations for their children success. without this initial foundation and continued support at home a teacher's hand are tied at school so do not blame any one for your ignorance.....

maybe we also have the leaders a perfect reflection of who we are and how we raise our children.....

don't hang your shit on someone else but yourself .it is yours it is your shit


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